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Effective SEO - Spiders

How to do Effective SEO, The Basics

How to do Effective SEO:  SERPS, Bots, algorithms, spiders, listings, schema metadata . . . You can be forgiven if you get befuddled with all these concepts. Well, your business partner might forgive you, but…
Focused SEO Strategy

Winning SEO Strategy in 5 Fundamental Steps

Having a clearly defined and understood SEO Strategy is critical to any Online Marketing plan. Whilst SEO and Online Marketing is an ever fluid landscape, having a documented SEO strategy will provide you with a…
Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO Techniques that can Kill your SEO

Whether you are totally new to SEO or a weathered professional, the concept of White Hat and Black Hat SEO is an easy one to grasp. The concept as old as mankind, good guys v’s…
10 Basic Wordpress SEO Mistakes

10 Basic WordPress SEO Mistakes

The following 10 Basic WordPress SEO mistakes are easily rectifiable and will aid in your website being indexed and ranked in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). Back in 2011, the WordPress platform represented only…

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