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Link Building 2019

Link Building Guide for 2019 [UPDATED 2023]

Link Building 2023 Update: Significant changes in link-building practices and Google’s algorithmic impact on link-building from 2018 to 2023: 1. Focus on Quality and Relevance: In recent years, Google has placed increased emphasis on the…
Best Directories for Backlinks

Business Directories for Backlinks

Directories for Backlinks The more Backlinks you have with real ‘link authority’ the higher your rankings will be. Recent research conducted by ‘Backlinko’ indicates that the SEO adage of ‘more total backlinks equals higher rankings’…

Link Building Guide 2017 cont… (Part 2)

Link Building – Links need to be earned by having interesting, intriguing, engaging content that will (must) stimulate ‘people’ to both connect with the subject matter and link to your website. “Link Building isn’t an effective strategy in…
Link Building Guide 2017

Link Building Guide 2017 (Part 1)

Link Building Guide 2017 – I like to think of Link Building along the same lines as getting Referrals and Recommendations for your products or services from family, friends, associates and people of influence. “To…

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