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Meta Description

The Importance of the Meta Description

Meta Description: The word “meta” derives from Greek and means “after or beyond” and is used to describe “an abstraction behind a concept”, in simpler terms, something beyond the source thing: with regard to an…
Title Tag

The Importance of the Title Tag

The Title Tag is a Valuable Component of On-Page SEO You are getting to grips with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). You no longer think SERPs is a type of drain cleaner, but … Do you…
How to Use the the Keyword Planner Tool

How To Quickly Use The Google Keyword Planner Tool

In this video tutorial, I briefly show you how to us the Google keyword planner tool. Keep in mind that you must have a google adwords account to use this tool properly. This is a…

The Basics of Keyword Selection

Today we are going to talk about the basics of keyword selection and how it affects your online marketing campaigns. Possibly the most important part of any keyword selection is understanding your business, your customer’s…

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