Category: Titles & Meta

ALT Attribute

The Importance of the ALT Attribute

[Updated 2023] ALT Atttributes aid in Google’s Ability better read your website Google has consistently emphasised the importance of descriptive ALT attributes for images to improve accessibility and enhance the understanding of web content. Here…
Title Tag

The Importance of the Title Tag

The Title Tag is a Valuable Component of On-Page SEO [Updated May 2023] Since April 2018, there have been several developments and updates in the field of SEO, including changes to Google’s algorithm and recommendations…
On-Page SEO Tips

24 On-Page SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

On-page SE0 Tips One of the most obvious yet often overlooked ways to optimise a small business website is to very simply have the On-Page SEO emphasise the subject matter of the page. For example,…

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