Havoc Digital, the Digital Marketing Professionals, is a full service, B2B Growth Agency which directs its full attention towards helping small to medium-sized businesses broaden their online exposure, attract a wider audience and maximise their marketing budget.

Havoc offers the expertly crafted mayhem needed to take your online presence to the next level.

Digital Marketing Consultants
Digital Marketing Consultants

Digital Marketing Consultants: Hire For Better Online Visibility

Digital Marketing, and Search engine optimization or SEO is a very broad topic, and optimising a website can be a complex process.

Our Digital Marketing Consultants deliver proven results.

Website Design and Development – Business, eCommerce and Corporate websites.

Mobile App Development

Animation Creation

Video Creation – Short and Long Promotional Videos

Hosting Services

Rank on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing with our professional search engine optimization services.

Increase traffic and sales for your business with Havoc Digital – the leader in Digital Marketing, Web Design, Web Development, SEO Services, Pay Per Click Management, Social Media, Animation, and Hosting Services.

It is not easy to understand and incorporate SEO, especially if you are a novice, and that is where Digital Marketing consultants come into the scene. These are professional people who help businesses to kick-start their online visibility over the search engines.

You just need to be sure that the consultant SEO you are hiring is qualified and experienced within the specific field of service.

What do Digital Marketing consultants do?
Digital Marketing Professionals

Digital Marketing and SEO consultants make your site visible by carrying out several procedures on your website.

Some of the jobs that SEO consulting incorporates include:

  • Analysis of your site’s internal structure, looking for any errors, omissions, and penalties
    – SEO Performance, SEO Score Report
  • Defining headers on each section of each page
  • Creation of meta tags optimised for search engines
  • Creation of a sitemap, so that the site can be properly indexed and sent to search engines
  • Analysis of web content, making it more attractive to the target audience
  • Creation of alternate texts for images, along with proper densities
  • Analysis of websites that are unfriendly to search engines
  • Review of XHTML code and preparation of the document to make any relevant improvements
  • Submission of website to major directories and search engines
  • Implementation of strategies for link building and exchange
  • Implementation of measurement systems
  • Conversion of analysis for improvement of ROI
  • Creation of landing pages and microsites
  • Creation of multimedia content and blogs to promote the website

Benefits of hiring Digital Marketing consulting services

A professional and qualified SEO consultant will undertake all possible ways to increase your site’s ranking on popular search engines, thus making your site more visible to the target audience.

With the regular submission of reports, you will also be able to monitor your pages’ progress over time.

SEO Strategist

SEO Case Study “40yrs in Business, Nil Online Reputation”

Digital Marketing Strategist

SEO Case Study #305 “SEO Kick Starter Campaign”

SEO Case Study

SEO Case Study #304 “Add Relevant Content”

SEO Results

SEO Case Study #224 – “70% CTR increase”

SEO Case Study #221 “Visibility Increased by >40%”



Web design

Creating stunning, functional websites that are custom designed to enhance your business image and objectives.
Employing Responsive Technology to harness maximum engagement by visitors across desktop, tablets and mobiles.
Small Business, eCommerce and Corporate websites.


SEO & digital marketing

Increase Visibility, Increase Rankings, Increase Visitors, Increase Revenue.
A collaboration created with your needs in FOCUS
A simple way to deal with the complex road of Online EXPANSION.
Success comes as a result of a carefully planned STRATEGY.
Combining a creative approach and demonstrated EXPERTISE.


Google adwords

PPC Creation and Management with Maximum Effectiveness.
An efficient and savvy way to reach your new customers.
Start appearing in front of your new customers, as soon as NOW!


Social media marketing

Dextrous, inspired and advanced social media strategies to develop your brand, gain exposure, craft engagement and expand your customer base.
▪ We evaluate your Space, determine the most Effective Approach, Voice to Use, culminating in Content Creation to appeal to your target audience.

Digital Marketing Services
Digital Marketing Packages
Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Professionals – Havoc Digital

With the advancement of technology and the dawn of the Internet age, perhaps survival over the Internet has become as important as survival of a company in the physical market.

Apart from the physical market, an entirely new marketplace has originated and grown at a much faster pace than the former one.

One way through which a company can gain a competitive edge in this electronic marketplace is through Digital Marketing and taking advantage of search engine optimization/optimisation (SEO).

This is a contemporary phenomenon, which revolves around increasing a website’s visibility. It is through a website, that a company is able to maintain somewhat of a physical presence on the World Wide Web (www).

Without a website, a company cannot as conveniently offer its services to the masses globally or locally.

So how can one make sure that their company is most visited by audiences throughout the world and down the street? via implementing a sound Digital Marketing and SEO Strategy.

A large number of businesses are focusing their marketing budgets towards the Digital medium and SEO as the method of increasing site’s ranking on search engines results pages (SERP’s).

Digital Marketing Services are concentrated to improve a websites content, link popularity and navigation through a chain of procedures undertaken by professionals, qualified in SEO.

With effective Digital Marketing, your website can be found easily by visitors (potential customers) using a search engine (i.e Google, Yahoo or Bing) to search for your product or services online.

By hiring the services of a Digital Marketing Agency, your website is tuned to become more search-engine friendly. Sites that are more relevant, have authority on the subject are placed higher up on search engine results pages, and thus their chances of getting visited are increased.

Professional Digital Marketing services entail carrying out several processes for enhancing your site’s search engine ranking (Readability, Authority, Popularity & Conversion). Some of those processes include:

  • Website Review,
  • Website Redesign
  • Website SEO Audit and Performance review,
  • Backlink Profile,
  • Reputation review and
  • User Experience review.
  • Keyword Research and propose a digital marketing strategy, as per the nature of your business and your target audience
    The Basics of Keyword Selection
  • Creation of unique and original content, based on the keyword strategy implemented – Content Development Section (CDS)
  • Redevelopment of required components in your site, in order to make the site more SEO friendly (Readable to the search engines)
    – Meta Titles
    – Meta Descriptions
    – Headings
    – ALT Attributes…. the list goes on
  • Submission of the site to directories and search engines for better search results
    Directories for Backlinks
  • Ranking reports, which indicates the site’s rank on several search engines

With professional and expert Digital Marketing services, improved content, navigation and popularity over the search engines can be achieved.

However, this is something which cannot be attained without qualified SEO professionals.

Digital Marketing extends to a multitude of digital marketing services to clients, in terms of page optimization, web promotion, SMO to online ads, pay per click services, link building, Internet marketing, and reputation management.

Havoc Digital’s – the Online Digital Marketing Professionals maintain a comprehensive portfolio of accomplishments and projects.

Digital Marketing Packages

How Digital Marketing Packages Can Benefit Your Online Business

SEO packages are a great choice if you are looking to implement a Digital Marketing strategy for your business website.

Opting for Digital Marketing and an affordable SEO package will provide the fundamental on-page and off-page services, and save you a good amount of money.

Ideal Digital Marketing and SEO packages will include a range of services, including article writing, link building, keyword optimisation, reporting and much more.

Why Opt for Digital Marketing Packages?

Digital Marketing companies charge good money for their services and optimizing a site.

Each Digital Marketing technique can be charged separately, and the bill can be outrageous and outside of your marketing budget.

Therefore, purchasing a Digital Marketing package can be a more affordable way to avail several optimisation techniques without breaking the wallet.

It is smarter to choose several Digital Marketing techniques (SEO, SEM, Social, Adwords) in a single package, as it will give you more exposure across the web, without the need to purchase each service separately.

Mixing Digital Marketing techniques in a single package can be a smarter plan.

Types of small business SEO packages

Fundamental Digital Marketing packages can incorporate;

Choosing the right small business Digital Marketing package

Each Digital Marketing service provider offers individually featured Digital Marketing packages, and choosing the right package is important for the success of your online business.

Digital Marketing service providers may charge for their Digital Marketing packages either as a one time or monthly cost, depending on the nature of services offered.


Best Digital Marketing Service
Best Digital Marketing Service

With so many companies offering Digital Marketing and affordable SEO services how will you know that you are making the right choice and how can we promise to provide you with the best of services?

A few factors and points to consider when looking for the perfect Digital Marketing Agency, Digital Marketing service, Digital Marketing strategy, or Digital Marketing professional:

  • If you have friends or colleagues who have adopted search engine optimization, then you should ask them for names.
  • Once you have a couple of names, the first thing to do is Google them.
    This will not only check whether the Digital Marketing Agency is real but also provide you with its credentials.
    1. Are they Industry Certified? SEO Certification
    2. Are they recognised experts? SEO Expert
    3. Are they Google Adwords Certified? Adwords Certified
    4. Are they Google Analytics Certified? Advance Analytics Certified
    5. Are they Google Digital Sales Certified? Digital Sales Certified
  • Ask the company to provide you with clients’ names that have made use of their Digital Marketing services.
    You can then take a look at their page rankings.
    Check out our Client Case Studies;
    40 years in business, Nil Online Reputation
    Visibility Increased >40%
    Adding Relevant Content
  • Ask the company whether they go for automated submissions or not. Automated submissions are a big no.
  • Opt for a company that offers post-subscription and content curation services, since the process of search engine optimization requires regular feedback and updating.
  • Also, review their own Social Media activity.

Havoc Digital doesn’t make promises that we cannot deliver.


Link Building 2019

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Digital Marketing Benefits
Digital Marketing Benefits

 Digital Marketing Benefits – Reap the following:

  1. Greater Visitor to Customer Conversion – optimal Web Design
  2. Greater website rankings on search engines.
    – Page 1 rankings are the minimum goal, with podium positioning of 1, 2 or 3 being the ultimate goal.
  3. If you are an eCommerce website that sells products or services, then your brand will be provided with the awareness and recognition it deserves through search engine optimization. This is through a defined digital marketing strategy.
  4. One great thing about search engine optimisation is the fact that it doesn’t put a heavy load on your wallet. You do not need to pay through the nose to get higher rankings, greater return on investment and better results.
    Hence, as compared to other marketing methods, search engine optimization is very affordable.
  5. Search engine optimization is the best way to attract more traffic (Prospective Customers) to your website. With search engine optimization you attract more targeted visitors to your website and the more the traffic the more successful your website.
  6. With greater visibility and higher rankings, your company’s attains a real-world competitive edge.
    So if you want to get ahead of your competition, getting in touch with a Digital Marketing consultant at Havoc Digital is the best way.
  7. Lastly, the results that are provided through Digital Marketing services are measurable.
    You can keep a check on your traffic, the sales and your rankings on search engines.
    This allows you to evaluate your improvement, measure any changes and keep a check on your website’s performance.

Let’s start a project together!