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“The Fall of a Furniture Removalist: A Cautionary Tale of Cheap SEO”

Case Study: A Cautionary Tale of Cheap SEO

Client Background:

Our client was a sole proprietor in the Furniture Removalist business in Sydney, New South Wales, with over eight years of experience in the industry. Despite being fully booked and working seven days a week, the client’s financial situation and overall health were not improving. The business had stagnated, with just one vehicle, the owner and a sole employee.


1. Limited Growth: The client’s business had not expanded beyond sustaining a single vehicle and a two-man operation for eight years.

2. Competitive Market: The removals industry in Sydney was highly competitive, requiring a strong online presence for lead generation and growth.

3. Exhaustive Workload: The client was overworked, with no significant improvements in revenue or business growth.

Havoc Digital’s Strategy:

Upon conducting a comprehensive review of the client’s website and performing a thorough marketing analysis, Havoc Digital identified several opportunities for growth. The following strategies were implemented:

1. Local SEO Focus: We employed local SEO tactics with a primary focus on ‘Removalist Sydney’ to boost the client’s visibility in the local market.

2. Google My Business and Maps Optimisation: We optimised the client’s Google My Business and Google Maps profiles to ensure maximum visibility in local search results.

3. Social Media Enhancement: Supplementary work was done on social media platforms, particularly Facebook, to engage with the local community and potential customers.

Results Achieved:

Over the course of the first four years working with Havoc Digital, significant results were achieved:

1. Google Ranking: More than 30 target keywords ranked on Position 1 of, expanding the reach beyond Sydney to encompass north to Newcastle and south to Canberra.

2. Business Growth: The client’s business expanded from a single vehicle and two -man operation to eight vehicles and a team of twenty employees.

3. Online Presence: The online presence and return on investment (ROI) experienced significant growth.

4. Improved Lifestyle: The owner’s financial situation improved, enabling them to get married, honeymoon in Hawaii, and take regular vacations.

Unexpected Setback:

In the fifth year of our successful partnership, the client decided to terminate our services, citing a cheaper alternative – Cheap SEO, is there such a thing? Despite our professional advice that a cheaper supplier would not be able to maintain their online dominance and competitiveness, the client made the switch.

Consequences of the Decision: Cheap SEO

Within the next two years, the client’s business experienced a catastrophic decline. The cheaper supplier, a 23-year-old self-proclaimed “SEO Expert” introduced by an employee, lacked the necessary experience, tools, and resources to deliver results. The business imploded, downsizing back to a two-man operation with a single vehicle, ultimately leading to its closure within a year.


This case study illustrates the importance of investing in professional and experienced digital marketing services. While it may be tempting to opt for cheaper alternatives, it can lead to disastrous consequences in highly competitive markets.

Havoc Digital’s expertise helped the client achieve significant growth and success, but the decision to switch to a cheaper supplier ultimately led to the downfall of the business. This case serves as a valuable lesson in the significance of quality over cost when it comes to digital marketing in competitive industries.

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