Can You Name more than 9 Search Engines?

Well can you?

Name 9 Search Engines, not included those already posted?

Search Engines

Ok for most of us we can rattle off the main ones, but let’s see (Over time, as this blog really does not have such a large following… as yet) how many and the various Search Engines can be named.

In different SEO articles and journals ‘thousands’ is the number stated as the number of available Search Engines.

So if we are going to play this ‘Name Game’ let us at least provide some information when it comes to some of these more obscure Search Engines.

The prize is knowledge and better understanding with the third prize going to the person who lists the most as being ‘Mr Big Smarty Pants’… SEO Expert

Obviously, we want to list Search Engines and not Directories, but where the two are not mutually exclusive i.e. Yahoo, we will accept them.

If anything I am curious to see (and read) about the obscure search engines… and privately wishing one of them would come up with a magic formula to screw up Google’s business just the same way as they toy with us.

So let me start by eliminating some of the obvious ones, in this game…

1. Google

2. Yahoo

3. Bing

4. AOL

5. Alta Vista

6. Hotbot

7. IWon

8. Lycos

9. AllTheWeb

Whilst I do know of a few more than this, I want to leave the game open for others…

Join in and add to the list!


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