Promotional Video

Promotional Video’s

Promotional Video’s

In marketing your online business there is a distinct advantage in including videos within your articles published to drive potential customers to your website.

Having a well thought out and designed promotional video, your product or service can quickly gain the attention of viewers and keep them there. It is efficiently getting the most out of the short time you have to gain potential client interest.

  • Increase confidence and trust in your business – video makes you real
  • Increase brand recognition and awareness of your business
  • Greatly improve your search engine ranking – Google wants video!
  • Demand attention literally 10x longer than text does
  • Easily explain who you are and what you do – your best sales rep 24/7!
  • It’s accessible, it’s easy and it’s fun!

In short, having a promotional video will increase the credibility and interest of visitors. If you where over time to check on your analytic’s it will be evident via the Direct Traffic being driven to your website.

These visitors would be of a better caliber as they have already engaged with your products or services via the video.

Videos of this type can be produced from just a few hundred dollars, so drop us a line if this would be of some interest to your SEM needs.

Promotional Videos use the latest in HD commercial equipment and editing software available. We confidently can produce web videos with amazing clarity and speed, on any web browser, including mobile devices.

.. or have a word with your SEO Consultant.


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