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Product Video Sample – Product Video’s

Product Video Sample:

Interesting further development in music and the utilisation of your mobile phone – not just an iPhone as you can use it with most digital devices that emit sound via internal speakers.

There is no need for cables or to further drain your battery life via Bluetooth (iPhone users can appreciate this fact as after a couple of hours of use your iPhone battery is dead… so much for it lasting you the whole day!)

Product Video Sample:


Some of these ‘brick’ speakers can pump out more noise than a motorcycle at 85 decibels ++ and last for 10 plus hours of play. The volume should be more than sufficient to broadcast your music to fill a room or at your next picnic. Enabling you to enjoy your music and entertain wherever you go.

Get the richest sound available in the palm of your hand, blasting your music, movies and games loud and clear.

Another use is to turn it into a Conference Call Speaker… set it up on the boardroom table and have your team interact from your boardroom to across the world… without having to spend a wad of money on conference call equipment.-Use it when Gran calls and share the conversation with the whole family… multiple uses… does anyone else have some ideas? 🙂

To get more information on the Blasting Brick Speaker visit Brand Connects website, here is the specific link to take you there.


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