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LED Light Bulb’s

LED light bulbs are a great alternative to the older fluorescent bulbs which not only use a lot more electricity and get very hot to the touch. LED lights are more energy efficient as they do not employ a filament to be heated up to produce light. Instead, they use ‘diodes’ a vastly different technology, which by the way is where the initials LED derive from, ‘Light Emitting Diode’.

Instead of heating to generate light, LED’s just moves electricity along their path generating electromagnetic radiation, which puts out the light that we see, therefore it does not need to heat up to create light, thus it uses much less energy than an old bulb or eve a fluorescent bulb.

An LED is used in many applications, in many cases most people are not even aware of them. They are being currently used in traffic lights and walk signs throughout the USA, United Kingdom, and Australia, as computer screens, in car headlights, and in many more applications. They are Cost Effective in their application and when taking into account that they are a long-lasting method of getting a bright light where it needs to be they represent a significantly inexpensive option.

LED light bulbs can be a little more expensive than traditional lights when initially purchasing them, but when you take them into account and add up the savings you will have from using them, they end up costing pennies on the dollar. These light bulbs can save up to 75% on the electricity used and rarely need replacing. Regular fluorescent bulbs usually need to be replaced every year or more often and use quite a bit of energy to work, most of which is wasted in the excessive heat they put off.

Many places no longer use fluorescent bulbs anymore; instead, they have started using the LED light bulb.

The old traditional bulbs are becoming more outdated and expensive to run by the day, and there have been rumors that the government might put a ban on them to prevent/reduce the number of people from using them. This sounds reasonable considering just how green the world is trying to become.

If you are looking for a LED light bulb to replace your current fluorescent bulb then visit www.LEDLightSmart.co.uk and view the full range of options. Free delivery within the UK and they come with a 12-month Guarantee.

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Postscript: Reflecting on the Journey of LEDLightSmart.co.uk

LED Light Bulbs – May 2023

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LED Light bulbs
LED Light Bulbs

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