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Specialty Car Rental Company Achieves 721% ROI in Second Trading Season

Digital Marketing and SEO Strategy for a Specialty Car Rental Company


This case study focuses on developing a comprehensive digital marketing and SEO strategy for a specialty car rental company based on the east coast of Australia.

The company is in its first full year of operation and faced challenges in attracting advance bookings and inquiries for the upcoming summer season.

The owners lacked previous business experience and had a basic website without online booking capabilities.

This case study aims to address these challenges by outlining the solutions and outcomes achieved.

Situation Analysis

2.1 Target Market

The clients’ specialty car rental business primarily catered to tourists visiting coastal areas, weddings, balls, adventure enthusiasts, individuals looking for a distinct driving experience, and locals seeking unique vehicles for their travel needs.

2.2 Current Challenges

– Lack of advance bookings and inquiries for the upcoming summer season.
– Naive belief that the website alone would attract customers.
– Competition from a well-established competitor located in a nearby town.

2.3 Business Context

– Owned by two partners, with one managing day-to-day operations and the other handling accounting on a part-time basis.
– Some degree of animosity exists between the partners, affecting decision-making processes.
– Lack of prior business ownership experience.


3.1 Short-Term Objectives

– Increase website visibility and online presence.
– Generate advance bookings and inquiries for the upcoming summer season.
– Improve the functionality of the website to include online booking and reservation capabilities.

3.2 Long-Term Objectives

– Establish the specialty car rental company as the preferred choice in the local area.
– Build brand awareness and loyalty.
– Increase overall revenue and market share.

Proposed Solutions

4.1 Website Optimisation:

– Conduct a comprehensive website audit to identify areas for improvement.
– Redesign the website to enhance user experience, incorporating a responsive design and intuitive navigation.
– Implement a secure online booking and reservation system to facilitate convenient transactions for customers.
– Optimise website content with relevant keywords, meta tags, and descriptions for improved search engine visibility.

4.2 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

– Perform keyword research to identify relevant keywords with high search volume and low competition.
– Optimise website pages, titles, headings, and content to align with target keywords.
– Develop a content strategy to regularly publish blog articles, guides, and travel tips related to the coastal area and specialty car rentals.
– Build high-quality backlinks through outreach, partnerships, and guest posting on industry-related websites.

4.3 Local SEO

– Create and optimise a Google My Business profile to improve local search visibility.
– Encourage customers to leave positive reviews and ratings on review platforms, enhancing online reputation.
– Target local directories and listings to ensure consistent business information across online platforms.
– Develop location-specific landing pages targeting nearby towns and attractions to attract customers from wider areas.

4.4 Paid Advertising

– Launch targeted pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns on search engines and social media platforms to increase brand visibility and drive traffic.
– Implement remarketing campaigns to re-engage website visitors who showed interest but didn’t make a booking.
– Use geotargeting to reach potential customers in specific locations, focusing on areas with high tourist footfall.

4.5 Social Media Marketing

– Establish an active presence on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.
– Share engaging and visually appealing content showcasing unique vehicles, customer experiences, and local attractions.
– Run advance bookings discounts, rent 3 days Nil Fuel Refill charge, and promotions to encourage user engagement and increase brand awareness.
– Collaborate with local city cultural and sports events to engender brand goodwill.
Speciality Car Rental Company

Our Projections & Expected Outcomes

5.1 Short-Term Projections (within 6 months)

– Increased website traffic and improved search engine rankings.
– Growth in online bookings and inquiries for the upcoming summer season.
– Enhanced user experience and streamlined booking process leading to higher conversion rates.

5.2 Long-Term Projections (12 months and beyond)

– Improved brand recognition and customer loyalty in the local area.
– Higher market share through effective online presence and competitive advantage.
– Increased revenue and profitability due to a steady influx of customers throughout the year.

Results & Outcomes

6.1 Total Monthly Marketing Expenses
  • PPC: $1,400
  • SEO and Google My Business: $1,250
  • Social Media: $199

The total monthly marketing expenses were $2,849 ($1,400 + $1,250 + $199).

6.2 Website Traffic

With a click-through rate (CTR) of 3% and an average cost-per-click (CPC) of $1.50, the PPC campaigns generated approximately 420 clicks to the website over the four months (280 clicks per month).

6.3 Bookings Generated

With an average booking value of $200 gross per day and an average vehicle rented for 6.4 days, each booking generated approximately $1,300 in gross revenue. With an average of 6 bookings every 21 days**, over the four months, the business generated around 72 bookings (6 bookings per 21 days * 4).

6.4 Return on Investment (ROI)

With 72 confirmed bookings generated, the total revenue generated from these bookings was $93,600 gross (72 bookings * $1,300). Considering the total marketing expenses of $11,396 ($2,849 per month * 4), the ROI would be approximately 721% ($93,600 – $11,396 / $11,396 x 100).

**NB Due to the internal partner issues referenced early, misunderstandings and communication issues arose as some bookings came into question.

6.5 Statement

The results reflect the immediate return on investment (ROI) for the specialty car rental company’s second season.

The strategic implementation of PPC campaigns, along with the additional investments in SEO, Google My Business, and social media during the off-season, continued to yield positive outcomes.

The business witnessed a substantial increase in website traffic, generating a significant number of bookings and inquiries for the upcoming third season.

Moreover, the dedicated efforts put into SEO optimisation, Google My Business management, and social media engagement have resulted in a steady stream of advance bookings for the third season. By leveraging search engine visibility, local search optimisation, and targeted social media campaigns, the specialty car rental company has successfully attracted customers well in advance of the forthcoming season.

The combined efforts in digital marketing and SEO have not only driven immediate results but also fostered long-term growth for the business. By establishing a strong online presence, enhancing brand recognition, and improving customer engagement, the business has solidified its position as a preferred choice for specialty car rentals in the NSW coastal area.

Moving forward, the specialty car rental company will continue to capitalise on the momentum gained from the second season and leverage the foundations laid during the off-season marketing efforts. By consistently refining its digital marketing strategies, monitoring performance, and adapting to market trends, the business is well-positioned to achieve sustained success and generate a continuous stream of advance bookings for future seasons.

The commitment to ongoing SEO, Google My Business management, and social media engagement has proven to be a pivotal investment, enabling the specialty car rental company to secure a competitive advantage and establish a loyal customer base.

With an effective digital marketing strategy in place, the company can look forward to a promising third season and beyond, fueled by a steady influx of advance bookings.”


By implementing a comprehensive digital marketing and SEO strategy, the specialty car rental company overcome its challenges and exceeded its business objectives.

The implemented solutions, including website optimisation, SEO techniques, local SEO efforts, paid advertising, and social media marketing, will continue to contribute to increased visibility, brand awareness, and customer engagement.

With a strategic approach and consistent effort, and our assistance at Havoc Digital, the business will establish itself as the preferred choice for specialty car rentals in the NSW coastal region, ensuring long-term success and growth in a very competitive market.

Speciality Car Rental Business

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