Link Building 2019

Link Building Guide for 2019

Link Building 2019 Link Building is a process whereby hyperlinks from other websites link back to your website. The main purpose of link building to a search engine is to discover…
SEO Tactics

7 Advanced SEO Tactics to use in 2019

SEO Tactics – Hacks 2019 The SEO landscape is always evolving, and it would seem almost impossible to keep up with the latest trends. There are SEO Tactics (hacks) that…
SEO Technique

4 SEO Techniques to Double Your Digital Presence

The following are just a few easily implemented SEO Techniques that will improve your overall website optimisation. #1 SEO Technique: Focus on User Experience (UX) The User…
ALT Attribute

The Importance of the ALT Attribute

The ALT Attribute otherwise known as Alternative Text is a word or a phrase that can be used within an HTML code to describe the nature or appearance of…
SEO Checklist

New Website – SEO Checklist

SEO checklist for new sites that aren’t ranking. So you have created a new website’, and you ask yourself; ‘I want to make sure that I’m doing all…
Digital Marketing Professionals

Digital Marketing Professionals

Digital Marketing Professionals promote services, products or brands via electronic media. A Digital Marketing Professional utilises digital marketing channels, tools, and methods, to analyse your marketing campaigns to understand…